Building Your Own Mobile App – The Second Stage

Building Your Own Mobile App – The Second Stage

app developers IrelandBuilding your first mobile app can be a very challenging experience but it can also be rewarding. If you do not do things the right way, you can end up losing money and wasting your time and effort. Read the comprehensive guide on how much does it cost to make an app. Do it right and you will see yourself successful and might even want to develop more apps that can help the community.

We have summarized a few steps, which can help you in your mobile app development journey.

You first conceived an idea, then you sketch it out and then you finally create a testable wireframe prototype. Although you might feel like most of the work has been done, it does not stop there. This is actually just the start of the actual process.

Build the backend of your app

Now that you have defined your app clearly, it is time to start on the backend of your system. There are various things that the specialist app developers Ireland have to do and some of them are databases, the setting up of servers, APIs, as well as storage solutions. One more thing that you should not forget is to register for developer accounts at the app marketplaces. It may take quite a few days to get the application approved depending on the platform.

Designing the app skins

Skins refer to the individual screens needed for the app. It is the designer’s job to come up with high-resolution versions of what were in your wireframes. It is necessary to include all the comments from your prototype testers. It is a must to remember that you are trying to build an app for your target audience so take your target audience’s feedback seriously.

Test the app again

Once the designer has completed the skins, there should be another round of testing. Yes, you have gone so far but you are not all set yet. For the very first time, you have the actual app concept complete. All the graphics should be there and all the texts should be inserted. This is the best time to test the app and get its real look and feel. This is the actual design made clickable.

Revise and build

After you have given your design a test drive and collected feedback from your users, you should have new ideas that will help you polish your app even further. There is still a chance to ask your designer to change the layout and there are still some changes from the backend, which you can make.

Refine the details

As the building stage continues, you will want to have a constant look at your app. Android makes it easy to install your app file on a device for you to test its functionality in a live environment. But you must understand that iOS is slightly different. You will require a platform such as TestFlight to download and test the app as you proceed. This is the last step in the mobile app development process.

Time to release

After doing all the necessary things to ensure that your app is ready for the market, it is time to release the app!

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