Offshoring App Development: The Risks and Benefits

Offshoring App Development: The Risks and Benefits

Almost everyone today has heard about apps and has used at least one app. Many companies and individuals are racing to create the next big thing to hit the app world by storm. One of the most important decisions app developers have to make is if they should offshore app development.

One of the many things we have constantly been told is that we get what we pay for. This serves as a warning to people who want to outsource their app development but there are small businesses, which lack capital so they try to save by sending the app development process overseas.

App development can be expensive and it is a must to remember that not all developers are created equal. Most app developers do not have a huge budget so they turn to offshore talents.

Cultural barriers

One of the most common risks of outsourcing is the cultural barriers. A foreign country means foreign technology and foreign cultural standards. The aesthetics that they have may be outdated and will definitely be different. It will take quite some time for foreigners to understand what you truly mean and if you do not have much time, outsourcing might not be the best option for you. For example, a team developing an app for engagement rings that has no experience with the jewellery market or how diamonds are valued by different cultures may not be the best fit.


Another problem is the language barrier. Apps is something which is difficult enough to explain to someone who speaks the same language as you, how much more to someone whose native language is not the same as yours? Relaying information to someone who is thousands of miles away means plenty of risks in getting the product you are paying.


The main reason why companies and individuals outsource or offshore app development is cost. An overseas firm charges a lot less than a local one so this means quite an amount of money saved. This money saved can be used for the promotion or marketing of your app.

Saves time

Most service providers are bound by time so their team is dedicated to developing your app round the clock. Most teams will also be giving you real-time updates about the progress of your app. You can save your time and devote it to other things which are just as equally important or more important.

Limited experience

Application development is something which should be delegated to people who do not have adequate knowledge. It is a technical field which continues to change day to day so if you do not have the right talent in your company, you should outsource the job. By hiring people who have worked with different clients from all over the world, you will be able to sleep well with the knowledge that the product will meet and even exceed your expectations.

Work flexibility

A virtual team works to meet your needs and they work with flexibility. Their only goat for immediate time is to help you create an outstanding app. Some can even work during nighttime so there is no gap in the working hours. By being flexible, they will be able to meet deadlines even if i

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